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About Steve

Steve Coe is a Northamptonshire based abstract artist.  He took up art when his children were small and he began his journey of spiritual and self exploration. 


Earlier works with earth-based media of pastels, sand and gypsum reveal his search for the intent and stillness of solid ground and a sense of life’s fullness.  From the rubble of the past as a basis for future growth.  Art as matter - baked earth, clods, landscape as one part of the binary of form and formlessness. 


The darker palette of the other abstract works are inspired by the Middle Way of Zen:  a more radical unknowing, letting go into spaciousness and exploring art as emptiness. 


Steve likens his work to discovering old manuscripts and maps in the attic which reveal a subtle path into the unconscious to explore a more fluid, looser journey into what is infinite within us, whilst retaining a foothold in the mud and matrix of life.


His most recent work explores the balance between extremes of embodiment and the transcendent and how the spiritual life and meditation can break the boundaries and separation between the two.

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